22nd July 2009

Raspberries help it all sink in

It’s my birthday today so I’m taking a day off from writing. But in a strange way, some of the best work is done away from […]
17th July 2009


This is the first day in a while I have had the chance to blog so I thought I’d bring you up to speed a little […]
20th February 2009

Where are we?

Hello! Apologies for my absence from the blogging world for the last few months.  We have been busy planning an exciting year of events for PerfCorp […]
20th November 2008


I’m at home today, trying to sync up my life post The Nose. The Nose is still running of course, but as the terror of whether […]
19th November 2008

You thought it was over, but you have no idea

GET-OUT! I’m not actually shouting at you.  I’m just preparing for a flurry of activity on Saturday night.  You, the saturday night punter will watch the […]
16th November 2008

The Nose, reeling in the critics!

CRITICAL ACCLAIM FOR THE NOSE @ Project Arts Centre until Saturday 22nd Nov only! “Inspired presentation of supremely high quality with dazzling production values… It’s a […]
13th November 2008

No Exit

As I sit here in Project writing this. Yes yes I live here now, it’s all gone a bit “No Exit”. Anyway as I sit here […]
6th November 2008


Tech week, tech week oh tech week! No college course or even life experience can prepare you for tech week. Let me try and give you […]
6th November 2008

Tech Day 1

Hi. How’s it going?  It seems like an age since I lasted blogged.  I’ve been so busy I could hardly breathe.  The Get-In and Fit-Up was […]