SPACE Programme 2015

Apply for our collaborative artist's residency The SPACE Programme

The SPACE Programme is a unique residency offering arts and creative practitioners an opportunity to collaborate, experiment and innovate. 

This unique international multi-disciplinary residency allows you to escape your creative comfort zone in the open and inspiring environment. 

The SPACE Programme facilitates collaborations with others on new approaches to making work, but without the pressure of a deadline or the expectation of a fully finished product. The only requirement is an openess to collaboration. Previous participants have come from a very broad range of  fields including theatre, visual arts, music, architecture, science, design, film, dance, circus, writing, comedy, opera and photography.

Submissions are welcome from individual Irish and International practitioners in all disciplines but please note that applications cannot be accepted from collectives or groups, or those who wish to work on a specific project. The idea behind The SPACE Programme is to bring your creativity and willingness to collaborate, and see what happens.

Successful applicants will receive travel expenses, full-board accommodation, and a small stipend to cover other costs.

The SPACE Programme takes place from November 23rd to December 3rd 2015 in inspiring surrounds in Ireland.

Applications can only be made via our online application form [here], and must include:
•   A short biography (no more than 500 words)

•   An outline of current areas of work and interests
•   Documentation/Examples of work (live links, including to file sharing sites such as dropbox, only – no attachments accepted)

Closing Date: 5pm, Friday 18th September, 2015. Applicants will be informed if their application is successful by Tuesday 13th October 2015.



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Here’s what previous participants on The SPACE Programme are saying…

“Intense, shattering and totally immersive: The SPACE Programme is a stimulating and practice-changing two weeks of collaboration.”  Oisín Byrne, Visual Artist

“The support network that SPACE provides for artists are in my experience unparalleled. I feel extremely lucky to have been part of this programme and will cherish the experience, the learning and the friendships.”  Paul Curley,Actor/Theatre Maker

“I knew this process would be extremely important for my development as an artist. It has been one of the most important experiences of my career.” Ciaran Bagnall, Designer 

The SPACE Programme is a totally unique opportunity to look at ourselves as social beings in the context of artistic collaboration.Valeria Primost, Dance Maker

“The diversity and quality of participating artists and the structure of the program made for a very special experience, one that will continue to inform who I am as an artist and how I go about creating work.” Justin Yang, Composer

“It was a hugely enriching experience and the timing of it was perfect. It has given me great confidence in my working process going forward and introduced me to new ways of creative expression.” Niamh Shaw, Performer

SPACE has given me time to reflect on what I want to focus on in the long term, and consider the journey or pathway ahead rather than only appraising what I‘ve done from project to project.”  Michelle Cahill (Community Dance Artist, Teacher, Performer)

The support and freedom – as well as rigour and contemplation – that the programme allowed us meant that we could play and let the imagination go mad. I know that this experience will have a profound effect on my future work. A joy!”  Conor Hanratty (Director)



The SPACE Programme is curated by The Performance Corporation with support from The Arts Council and Kildare County Council.

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