Expedition 2016

A conference as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2015

Date: Oct 2/3 2015,   Venue: CHQ Building


Expedition 2016 – Conference theme

Imagine the world a century from now. What will we have learned and how will we look back? A series of provocative presentations from “future historians” will attempt to make sense of today’s mistakes with the luxury of 100 years of hindsight. 

Guide for speakers

Presentations are invited from 

  • Performers with an interest in Climate Change
  • Researchers working on climate change projects
  • Other interested parties

Those wishing to make a presentation are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 100 words with a short CV/biog and summary of climate change interests to expedition@theperformancecorporation.com by 7th September.

Selected presentations should be of 10 minutes duration. A small stipend is payable to participants.

Presentations will be part of a theatre development project in Dublin Theatre Festival by The Performance Corporation (Ireland) and Boca Del Lupo (Canada).

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